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Activists Celebrate As Voters Send Biden Crystal Clear Message

( – President Biden has the Democratic nomination for November’s presidential election firmly in his grasp, but there’s a rebellion brewing on his party’s left. Many Democrats, mostly younger “progressives,” are pushing back against the president’s support for Israel. Biden is now trying to dial back that support to keep the left happy, but a shocking result in the Wisconsin primary shows he still has a problem.

In 2020, Wisconsin’s electoral college votes played a major role in Biden’s surprise election victory. It’s likely to play an important role this year, too — and that could be bad news for Biden. Wisconsin has gone Democrat in every election for decades, but polling suggests it’s now a swing state. With that in mind, Biden needs to be sure he can hold on to its loyalty.

His problem is, it doesn’t look like he can rely on that. In the state’s April 2 primary, almost 48,000 Democrat voters rejected Biden and voted for “Uninstructed” instead. This won’t have any practical effect on the party nomination; Biden is already past the threshold he needed to secure that. However, it should worry him as it shows that tens of thousands of Democrat voters aren’t backing him.

This isn’t the first state that’s returned a significant vote for “uninstructed,” but it could be the most damaging so far. The protest vote is being driven by young, left-wing Democrats who object to US support for Israel. In recent weeks, Biden has been backing away from that support, increasingly criticizing Israel for civilian casualties in Gaza. However, he hasn’t completely ended US backing for the Jewish state, which is determined to defeat the Hamas terrorist group.

The voters who checked “uninstructed” in Wisconsin are unlikely to switch to backing Donald Trump; after all, they’re on the left of the Democratic Party and pro-Palestinian; Trump is a firm supporter of Israel. However, they don’t need to back Trump to damage Biden’s re-election hopes. If they stay at home on election day, he could be in trouble, and that’s a real possibility.

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