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Biden Looks to Exploit Potential Weak Link in Trump Candidacy

( – The 2024 race is already shaping up to be a doozy. Former President Donald Trump is leading incumbent President Joe Biden in many polls. The Democrat is now looking to exploit a weakness in the Trump campaign.

The primary competition between Trump and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley got very contentious by the time she dropped out of the race. The old-school Republican appealed to the Never Trumpers and other Conservatives who were burned out when it came to the former president. The old dogs of the GOP still make up a significant portion of the party. For example, Haley received more than 12% of the votes in the New York primary even though she dropped out a month ago.

On March 29, Biden launched a new digital ad in Arizona targeting Haley voters. He’s spoken to former ambassador’s voters in the past, telling them they could find common ground. The ad is called “Save America. Join Us,” and includes a montage of the former president mocking Haley and calling her names like “bird brain” and “crazy.”

The ad ends with a clip of a reporter asking the former president how he intends to reach out to Haley’s voters. Trump responds, “I’m not sure we need too many.”

Dan Kanninen, Biden’s battleground states director, spoke to Axios about the courtship. He said they saw Haley take up to 40% of GOP voters away from Trump, and the former president responded by saying he didn’t want the voters. Kanninen said, “We took note of that,” and hopes to “engage those folks and invite them into” the Biden campaign.

The ads will run in Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, and Nevada. It’s going to run for three weeks and will target specific areas where election data shows Haley did well against the former president. If the Biden campaign can woo some of those voters, it could help get him over the finish line.

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