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Bill Barr: Hush Money ‘Abomination’ Will be Overturned

( – Former President Donald Trump and ex-Attorney General Bill Barr used to have a close relationship. That deteriorated at the end of Trump’s first term and led to the AG’s resignation. Four years later, Barr is now defending his former boss in the wake of his felony conviction.

A New York jury found Trump guilty of 34 felonies on May 30. Manhattan prosecutors accused the former president of falsifying documents to cover up hush money payments to a former adult film star that he allegedly had an affair with to keep it a secret from voters in 2016. Trump denied the affair and said the payments were for legal fees.

Barr spoke about the former president’s conviction in an interview on June 5 with Fox News’ Jimmy Failla on “Fox Across America.” When Barr was AG, he refused to prosecute Trump for federal charges even though he did charge Michael Cohen, the former president’s co-conspirator. The former top prosecutor said that he believed “the case was an abomination” and he didn’t think it would be prosecuted in New York “because it was so vaporous.”

Barr declared the “case will be overturned.” He told Failla to think about how the American people would react if Trump lost the election in November and later had his sentence overturned.

Trump and his allies have claimed the jury and judge were partisan in the weeks since the verdict was handed down. In an interview with Dr. Phil, Trump said he is after revenge. He made similar comments during a discussion with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, saying that he has “every right” to go after his political enemies after he wins the fall election.

The guilty verdict has caused some former Never Trumpers to throw their support behind the former president. That could propel him to victory and allow him to get the revenge he feels he deserves. Barr has also voiced his intention to vote for the Republican nominee.

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