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First Lady Supports Hunter Biden as Federal Trial Begins

( – Hunter Biden has a long, messy history. The former drug addict is now in court facing consequences for his actions. His family turned out in force to support him.

On Monday, June 3, jury selection began in a Delaware federal courtroom for the trial against the president’s son. Hunter Biden is facing charges for allegedly lying on a federal background check form when he purchased a gun in 2018. The form asked whether he was a drug user, and he said no. However, prosecutors claim evidence shows he was using illegal drugs at the time of the purchase.

Hunter detailed his addiction to drugs in his 2021 memoir. On the first day of his trial proceedings, First Lady Jill Biden showed up in the courtroom to support him. It was also her birthday. Ashley Biden, Hunter’s sister, was in the courtroom as well. President Joe Biden was not present but had spent the night at his home in Wilmington the night before the trial started.

The POTUS is not expected to attend either of the trials. Biden and the White House have tried to maintain a distance from the cases. Republicans have been attempting to tie the president to Hunter’s business dealings in foreign countries, even launching an impeachment inquiry, but have been unsuccessful so far.

The jury was selected for the trial by the end of the first day. On Tuesday, they were back in the courtroom to listen to opening statements in the case. Federal prosecutors painted the first son as a “drug addict” whose troubles impacted his family. They accused him of trying to score drugs days before he bought the gun and said they had messages to Hallie Biden, his late brother’s widow, telling her that he was waiting for his drug dealer.

Prosecutor Derek Hines told the jury that nobody “is allowed to lie on a federal form,” not even the president’s son.

Hunter’s defense attorney, Abbe Lowell, said, “You will see that he is not guilty.” She claimed the wording of the form was at fault.

Jill and Ashley Biden attended the second day of the trial as well.

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