State Supreme Court Rules Frozen Embryos Are Unborn Children

( – Millions of couples use in-vitro fertilization (IVF) each year to conceive children. It’s a popular treatment for couples experiencing infertility because of its high success rate. An Alabama ruling involving IVF could have major implications across the country. On February 16, the Alabama Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s ruling in the case […]

Actor Known For ‘The Office’ Has Passed Away

( – The original version of “The Office” was a wildly popular British television show. It was so good that it was remade for American television and became just as popular across the pond. Sadly, one of the original cast members has now died. On February 19, British actor Ewen MacIntosh passed away in Darlington, […]

Multiple Illegal Immigrants Arrested for Strangling and Robbing Man

( – More than 35,000 migrants have moved to Chicago since 2022. Most of them have been sent to the city from Texas as part of Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s relocation program. Recently, four illegal immigrants were arrested for allegedly attacking a man. On February 17, four men who live at a downtown Chicago migrant […]

Israel Issues Deadline to Hamas Over Hostage Release

( – On October 7, Hamas launched an air, land, and sea attack on neighboring Israel, triggering a war. Israeli authorities estimated that the Sunni Islamist group killed approximately 1,200 people and took as many as 240 hostages back into the Gaza Strip. Recent news reports revealed that a top official in Israeli Prime Minister […]

Truckers Rally Behind Former President, Float Boycott of NYC

( – The civil business fraud trial against former President Donald Trump came to an end in mid-January. Judge Arthur Engoron presided over the case and had previously ruled that Trump was liable. It was just a question of how much. The former president received his judgment on Friday, February 16. He was ordered to […]

Fani On Fire: Court Hearing Implodes

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (D) signed a bill last year allowing the court to dole out the death penalty to certain child predators. The law is being challenged in court. In the meantime, another state House has now passed a similar bill. On February 14, Idaho’s House passed HB 515 by a vote […]

State House Passes New Death Penalty Bill

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (D) signed a bill last year allowing the court to dole out the death penalty to certain child predators. The law is being challenged in court. In the meantime, another state House has now passed a similar bill. On February 14, Idaho’s House passed HB 515 by a vote […]

Putin Gives Biden His Endorsement

( – Considering the serious doubts about President Biden’s fitness to serve a second term, and his catastrophic polling, you’d think he’d be grateful for all the support he can get. However, Biden has just received an endorsement he would probably be happier to have missed. Vladimir Putin has just said Biden’s re-election would be […]

Activists Attack US Constitution

( – For years, conservatives have been warning that the US Constitution is under attack, but that danger has never been so literal before. Now, climate activists have launched a physical assault on the document itself. The Constitution survived unharmed –- but it’s part of a disturbing trend of vandalism by environmentalist fanatics. On February […]

Super Bowl Parade Rocked by Tragedy

( – Quarterback Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to a back-to-back Super Bowl win on February 11. The overtime win against the San Francisco 49ers was the third championship win for the team in just five years. Sadly, when the team brought the Lombardi Trophy back home to Kansas City for the victory […]

Deadly Attack on Civilian Target in Russian City

( – February 24 marks the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There are currently no peace talks taking place between the two nations. As the war rages, civilians in both countries are at considerable risk — a missile strike in Russia proved that. On February 15, a missile struck Belgorod, Russia, located […]

Grandfather Gunned Down While Trying to Apologize

( – Over a seven-year period, there were nearly 220 deaths and more than 12,600 accidents related to road rage. In 2022, someone was fatally gunned down every 16 hours in violent incidents on the road. A man is now dead because of a minor accident in California. On February 5, Jonathan Mauk headed to […]

Senate Candidate Pushes for $50 an Hour Minimum Wage

( – Imagine what America would be like with a $50-an-hour minimum wage. The idea seems improbable. When a Senate candidate recently proposed just that, she had a hard time even explaining how it would work. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) is hoping to replace the late Senator Dianne Feinstein in California. She is running against […]

Iran Rocked By Explosions

( – Iran is considered the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. The government provides support to militant groups that then launch attacks on the US and its allies. Recently, the country reportedly experienced an act of terrorism of its own. On February 14, explosions hit a natural gas pipeline in Iran. Details […]

Trump Names His Pick to Replace RNC Chair

( – Ronna McDaniel is widely expected to step down as the head of the Republican National Committee after the South Carolina primary. She just won reelection in January, but reportedly told former President Donald Trump she would vacate the position if he wanted her to — and he does. The Republican presidential candidate recently […]

Senate Pushes Through Aid Bill for Multiple Foreign Countries

( – The fight over whether or not to send foreign aid to America’s allies continues to rage on Capitol Hill. After Republican lawmakers killed the border security bill, senators stripped the immigration policies from the legislation. Now, an overwhelming majority has passed the new version of the legislation. On February 13, the Senate passed […]

Hostages Rescued During Controversial Attack

( – Hamas kidnapped more than 200 hostages on October 7, during the terrorist attack on Israel. More than 100 have been released since then, but that still leaves about half in captivity. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) recently rescued two more hostages in a controversial attack. On February 12, soldiers with a special forces […]

Justice Thomas Speaks Up, Puts Anti-Trump Lawyer On the Spot

( – The Colorado Supreme Court ruled former President Donald Trump doesn’t qualify to be on the ballot for the primary. The Supreme Court has now heard oral arguments in the case. Justice Clarence Thomas was skeptical — and so were most of his colleagues. On February 8, Jason Murray, an attorney representing Colorado, argued […]

US Military Confirms Tragic Loss

US Military Confirms Tragic Loss
( – The US Marine Corps has confirmed that five Marines who went missing when their helicopter crashed in Southern California are dead. The aircraft was returning from a training exercise in Nevada when it went down in the Santa Ana mountains — less than half an hour out from its destination. The search for […]

State Lawmakers Approve Massive Pay Raise for Themselves

( – Millions of Americans are struggling to cope with inflation, which continues to drive up the price of essentials. That isn’t a problem for some of our elected representatives, though. They’re lucky enough that they have a significant influence on how big a raise they get — and they’re not shy about using it. […]

Sniper Massacre Foiled By Federal Agents

( – Patrick Wood Crusius entered an El Paso, Texas, Walmart in 2019 and murdered 23 people. The white supremacist killer, who later received 90 life sentences, left behind a manifesto where he ranted about immigrants. He said he targeted El Paso because it was a border town. Nearly five years later, federal law enforcement […]

Putin Challenger Claims He’s Been Banned From Election

( – Russia is supposed to have a democracy. That doesn’t mean it operates like one. Sure, the nation holds elections, but they aren’t very free. Recently, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s challengers, Boris Nadezhdin, claimed he was banned from the election. Nadezhdin is appealing his case to the Supreme Court after the Central […]

Nikki Haley Humiliated by “None of These”

( – To say the Nevada Republican Party primary is a mess would be an understatement. The only person on the ballot in the primary race this year was former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley — and she still got the least amount of votes. On February 6, the state held the Republican primary with […]

Taylor Swift Ready to Take Legal Action Against College Student

( – Jack Sweeney, 21, is a junior at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando. The college student has made headlines multiple times in the last few years because of his flight tracking accounts. Now, he’s back in the headlines after Taylor Swift’s legal team threatened to sue him. According to The Washington […]

House Fails to Impeach Mayorkas

( – Republicans have wanted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. They finally got their chance on February 6 when Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) brought the measure to the floor for a vote. However, it didn’t go the way the GOP wanted it to go. Republicans scheduled the vote for when […]

14 Republicans Side With Dems to Help Sink New Bill

( – The fight over foreign aid is still raging in Congress. Senate Republicans killed an Israel and Ukraine aid bill that had the tough border security measures in it that they demanded. Over in the House, more than a dozen Republicans joined their Democratic colleagues in an effort to kill another bill. On February […]

Confused Again: Biden Mixes Up World Leaders in Worrisome Mistake

( – President Biden is old. It’s a fact. The 81-year-old POTUS has repeatedly joked about how old he is. The American people have expressed concern about it as well. Recently, he made a mistake at an event in Nevada that once again highlighted the issue. On February 4, Biden attended an event in Las […]

Legendary Entertainer Dies Following Cancer Diagnosis

( – After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, singer Toby Keith Covel, better known as just Toby Keith, sat down and wrote a song. That tune “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)” became an anthem of sorts that captured exactly how the American people felt. The singer then went on […]

The Squad’s Troubles Keep Pouring In

( – The House group known as “The Squad” has grown in the years since it was formed. Reps. Cori Bush (D-MO) and Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) are both members of the group now. Both of them are facing challenges. Bowman and Bush are both facing primary challengers this year. Attorney Wesley Bell is running against […]

Johnson Claims New Border Bill Equals an Open Border

( – The Senate finally unveiled its immigration bill on February 4. House Republicans threatened to kill the bill weeks before its unveiling. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) is doubling down on his position and accusing lawmakers in the Senate of opening the border. Johnson posted a statement about the legislation on X, […]

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