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IDF Exchanges Gunfire With Egyptian Soldiers

( – The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have carried out strategic strikes in Rafah, a city in the Gaza Strip on the Egyptian border. Recently, there was an incident between the IDF and Egyptian forces.

On May 27, an Egyptian soldier died after a skirmish involving the IDF. It’s not entirely clear what happened yet, but reports indicate gunfire erupted at the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza. Fox News reported the IDF released a statement saying a “shooting incident occurred on the Egyptian border,” and authorities were reviewing what happened. The military also said it was in talks with Egypt.

The Egyptian Armed Forces also released a statement that said it was investigating what occurred. They also confirmed a soldier was killed in the incident.

According to media reports, the shooting on the border happened just hours after the IDF launched an airstrike on a compound used by Hamas in Rafah. At least two top officials of the terrorist organization died, but so did dozens of innocent civilians.

Egypt was the first Arab country ever to sign a peace deal with Israel. The agreement was signed 45 years ago and has held, but tensions between the two have increased in recent months because of the war in Gaza. Israeli forces have killed thousands of civilians in their quest to eradicate Hamas. Many of the victims have been innocent women and children.

The international community has demanded Israel stop attacking Rafah and not launch a full-scale invasion because more than 1 million Palestinians have taken refuge in the border town. The civilians were pushed out of their homes as a result of the Israeli strikes on other parts of the region.

The International Court of Justice recently issued a ruling ordering Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the military operations in Rafah. The Israeli government refused and said that it was not committing genocide, so the strikes would continue.

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