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Illegal Migrant Arrested for Murder After Being Deported 8 Times

( – The US has long struggled with how to keep migrants from reentering after the government has deported them. The solutions to that problem have been hard to come by. Police just arrested a migrant who was allegedly deported eight times.

On April 1, officers with Ohio’s Butler County Sheriff’s Office arrested 46-year-old Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez on charges of aggravated premeditated murder. Police have accused him of shooting another man in an alley and leaving his body there. They also charged him with carrying concealed weapons, using weapons while intoxicated, obstruction of official business, and possession of drugs. He’s in the Butler County jail on a retainer from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Sheriff Richard Jones held a press conference in the city just north of Cincinnati. Behind him was a poster showing eight mugshots of the suspect dating back to 2001. He’d been arrested at least 11 times and deported eight times over the years, including during each of the last three presidencies. According to the sheriff’s office, some of the charges Garcia-Gutierrez was previously arrested on included driving without a license, domestic violence, aggravated burglary, carrying concealed weapons, contempt of court, and improperly handling firearms.

Jones claimed every state in America is a border state now because of the border crisis. He said the victim in the latest case would still be alive if Garcia-Gutierrez had not been in the country.

According to NewsNation, US Customs and Border Protection data shows murders committed by undocumented immigrants are on the decline. Illegal immigrants are accused of committing 29 murders in 2023, down from 62 in 2022.

In recent weeks, at least two other people were allegedly killed by undocumented migrants. One of them was a 22-year-old Augusta University student in Georgia, Laken Riley. She was murdered while running in a state forest on the University of Georgia campus. The other was 25-year-old Ruby Garcia, who was shot by one of her friends in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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