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Biden Administration Shuts Down Mining On Millions of Acres

( – The Department of Interior recently moved to protect 28 million acres of public land in Alaska. The agency rejected plans for a massive road project. The decision by President Joe Biden’s administration means there won’t be any mining on the land. At the end of June, the Department of Interior (DOI) released a […]

Former US Senator Dead at 89

( – Former Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) made national headlines in 2015 when he brought a snowball to the floor of the Senate. In a speech, he tossed it and mocked environmentalists for focusing on global warming when it was “very, very cold out.” Almost a decade later, the longest-serving senator in Oklahoma passed away. […]

Senator Slams Biden Over Political Prosecutions

( – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is widely viewed as one of the candidates on former President Donald Trump’s vice presidential shortlist. The lawmaker recently appeared on CNN to discuss the presidential race. During the interview, he accused President Joe Biden of political prosecutions. On July 7, Rubio sat down for an interview with CNN […]

She’s Back AGAIN: Marianne Williamson Joins Race for the Third Time

( – Marianne Williamson is an author and spiritual leader who joined the Democratic primary last year. She has left the race multiple times. The candidate has now decided to join the race again. On July 6, Williamson appeared on Fox News to speak to Neil Cavuto. During the interview, she said she was unsuspending […]

Hunter Biden Launches Lawsuit Against FOX News

( – The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop have been the topic of much debate over the last three and a half years. Fox News recently made a miniseries about President Joe Biden’s son. Now, he’s suing. On June 30, Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit against Fox News and its parent company, Fox Corporation, in […]

13-Year-Old Gunned Down By Police

( – The 2014 shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by police in Cleveland, Ohio, led to national outrage. The boy was holding a toy gun when police shot him in a park. Now, a decade later, New York police have killed a boy about the same age as Rice, who was also carrying a toy […]

New Report Shows Shocking Spike In Fentanyl Deaths

( – The fentanyl crisis is battering the United States. Drug overdose deaths topped 100,000 in 2021 and have remained there since then. A new report shows that fentanyl is a major problem for the homeless population in Los Angeles County, California. More than 2,100 homeless people died of a fentanyl overdose in Los Angeles […]

SCOTUS Strikes Again in 5-4 Ruling

(—In 2015, Former President Barack Obama’s administration tightened the pollution restrictions initially set in the 2008 Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under President Joe Biden, went on to create the Good Neighbor Rule to further regulate factories. The Supreme Court has now temporarily halted the rule. The Good […]

Experts Claim Incarcerated Women Put at Risk by Biden’s Gender Policies

( – President Joe Biden has implemented multiple policies to ensure transgender Americans are given equal rights. As part of Pride Month, the administration promised to bring “all resources to bear” to fight for the LGBTQ+ community. Two conservative commentators believe the administration is putting civil liberties at risk. On Biden’s first day in office, […]

US Appeals Court Drops Hammer on Gun Manufacturer

( – New Jersey is currently investigating Smith & Wesson. The state wants to find out if the company committed fraud and other misconduct. A federal court has now determined the gun manufacturer must cooperate with the probe. On June 26, a three-judge panel for the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 against […]

The Squad’ Suffers Humiliating Loss

( – Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) is one of the most vocal members of “The Squad,” a group of progressive lawmakers. He’s also one of the biggest critics of Israel, repeatedly accusing the country of genocide. The congressman, who once pulled a fire alarm in Congress, has now lost his primary for reelection. On June […]

Liberal Influencer Opens Up About Becoming a Conservative

( – Amir Odom is a conservative influencer who used to be a liberal. In 2020, he posted a video calling out Black Lives Matter. Now, he’s opening up about why he decided to leave the Democratic Party. Odom recently spoke to Fox News Digital about his ideological shift. He said that when he was […]

Julian Assange Is a Free Man

( – Julian Assange’s legal drama has spanned many years. The Department of Justice indicted the Wikileaks founder on multiple felonies for his alleged participation in a massive intelligence leak. Assange reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors and is now free. On June 24, Assange agreed to plead guilty to a single felony count […]

Islamic Terrorists Launch Coordinated Attacks Killing At Least 20

( – Terrorists killed 145 people at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow back in March. The Islamic State took responsibility for the attack, but Russia tried to blame Ukraine. Islamic terrorists have once again attacked the country, and the Kremlin is spinning the narrative again. On Sunday, June 23, gunmen carried out multiple attacks […]

American Couple Among Hundreds Who’ve Died on Religious Pilgrimage

( – An extreme heat wave is impacting many countries around the world. Saudi Arabia has seen temperatures soar past 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It was that weather that left an American couple and hundreds of others dead. Haja Isatu Wurie, 65, and her husband, Alhaji Alieu Dausy Wurie, 71, traveled to Saudi Arabia to participate […]

Kennedy’s Debate Dream Crushed

( – Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr. hoped he’d be on the debate stage with President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in a few days. The independent candidate’s hopes have now been dashed. CNN has announced he won’t be participating in the event. Just after midnight on June 20, CNN closed the qualification […]

Suspected Murderer Claims Parents Killed Their Own Children

( – The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office in Florida announced it was searching for a family of four on June 14. The next day, law enforcement arrested the man who lived with the family. That man is now claiming the parents killed their own children. According to authorities, 26-year-old Rain Mancini’s mom reported her missing […]

Republican Rep Accuses DOJ of Double Standards After Family Threatened

( – Political divisions in the country are at a high. Lawmakers have faced an uptick in threats and have even been attacked by people angry with them over their political ideologies. In 2017, there was a mass shooting carried out by a leftist at a baseball field where Republicans were practicing. Four people were […]

Boeing Awarded Massive Government Contract Despite Safety Accusations

( – Boeing is one of the most prominent aircraft manufacturers in the country. It’s also received a significant amount of blowback because of incidents related to the company’s safety record and its treatment of whistleblowers. Still, the US has awarded it a massive military contract. On June 18, reporting confirmed the government awarded Boeing […]

Shots Fired as North Korean Soldiers Cross Border Into South Korea

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin recently met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for an important summit. The two men inked a bilateral defense agreement. But before they met, shots were fired at the North Korean border with South Korea. On June 18, between 20 and 30 North Korean soldiers were doing construction work […]

Democratic Candidate Arrested and Charged

( – In 2019, actor Jussie Smollett accused supporters of then-President Donald Trump of committing a hate crime against him in Chicago. Police later said he was lying and charged him with multiple offenses. He served jail time and decimated his career. Now, a Democratic candidate in Texas is accused of lying about racist messages. […]

Multiple Sites Hit After Sailor Goes Missing in Red Sea

( – Yemen’s Houthi rebels have been launching attacks on ships in the Red Sea since the onset of Israel’s war with Hamas. During a recent assault on a merchant ship, a sailor went missing and the vessel was lit on fire. The US military responded with strikes on Houthi sites. On Wednesday, June 13, […]

Shocking Details Released About Bus Hijacking Murder Suspect

( – The Atlanta metro area was shaken by a dramatic high-speed chase on Tuesday, June 11. A man driving a hijacked Gwinnett County Transit bus led police on a wild pursuit for miles. Shocking details have now been released about the chase. Police responded to reports about a shooting in an Atlanta food court […]

Gavin Newsom Finally Cracking Down on Border Crime

( – The border crisis remains one of the top priorities for states along the southwest frontier. Arizona and Texas have both taken steps to address the issue, and California’s Democratic governor is finally taking action as well. On June 13, Governor Gavin Newsom (R) announced he was doubling the number of California National Guard […]

State Supreme Court Dismisses Tulsa Race Massacre Lawsuit

( – The Oklahoma Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit brought by the last survivors of a 1921 race massacre. Two centenarians had brought the suit against the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in an attempt to get compensation for a race riot that killed at least 39 people, but the state’s highest court just ruled […]

McCarthy’s Revenge Plan Sunk

( – Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) played a leading role in ousting former Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from his role as speaker of the House last year. The successful effort made him the first speaker ever vacated. Now, the congresswoman has outmaneuvered him again. On June 11, Mace won the primary for her South Carolina […]

Jury Convicts US Citizen on Multiple Terrorism Charges

( – The Islamic State (ISIS) rose out of the ashes of Al Qaeda after the US decimated the terrorist group after the September 11 attacks. Middle Eastern terrorist have made it their goal to repeat the attacks in the US but have failed. ISIS, however, remains a major threat overseas. A US citizen was […]

US Coast Guard Busts Hundreds of Illegal Migrants Sailing to America

( – Thousands of immigrants have died trying to illegally enter the US over the last few decades. Some of those deaths occurred when boats carrying migrants capsized before reaching America’s shores. Recently, the US Coast Guard busted hundreds of immigrants who were sailing to the US. In the first week of June, the US […]

Landmark Verdict Puts US Companies on Notice

( – Colombia has a long history of gang violence fueled by drugs. In the early 2000s, Chiquita Brands International admitted to playing a role in the violence. The company will now have to pay millions. On June 10, a federal jury found the company liable for paramilitary violence in the late 1990s and early […]

Hunter Biden Found Guilty: Here’s What He Had to Say Afterward

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, struggled with drug addiction for years. His antics while under the influence have now come back to haunt him. The first son was recently found guilty of multiple felonies. On Tuesday, June 11, a federal jury in Delaware found Hunter guilty of three felony gun charges. Those […]

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