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Majority of Democratic Voters Indicate They Want Biden Replaced

( – Democratic voters have consistently expressed feeling President Joe Biden is too old to run for office again. His approval ratings are also in the toilet. A new survey has found that most Democratic voters want to replace the president on the ballot.

On May 28, Rasmussen Reports released the findings of a national online and telephone survey that found 54% of Democrats want Biden replaced by another candidate. Of those respondents, 25% said they “strongly approve” of taking that action. Only 45% of Republican voters wanted the president replaced on the ticket. And 50% of unaffiliated voters said they want to get rid of him.

Overall, 49% of likely voters support Democrats replacing the 46th president with someone else on the November ballot. That includes 24% who “strongly approve.”

Rasmussen Reports also found the majority of government employees support the idea of Democrats replacing Biden. According to the survey, 65% of government workers approved, including 34% who “strongly approve” and 31% who “somewhat approve.”

The poll showed 28% opposed the idea, including 22% who “strongly disapproved.”

The election is a little more than five months away. President Biden will face off against former President Donald Trump. The two are locked in a close battle, but polls have shown Trump is leading his successor.

The former president is focusing his campaign on public safety. He has slammed Biden for his failures to secure the border and highlighted the crime rates in liberal cities. Trump has repeatedly called the president incompetent. He’s been reaching out to traditionally Democratic voters and hoping to flip them like he did in 2016 when he was up against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Biden is bleeding black and Hispanic male voters, giving Trump an opportunity to pick them up.

Democrats intend to nominate Biden during a virtual meeting in the coming weeks to ensure he gets on the ballot in Ohio. They will hold their official convention in August.

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