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Union Leader Facing Federal Investigation

( – United Auto Workers (UAW) President Shawn Fain oversaw a massive auto strike last year. The union received major concessions from the big three auto manufacturers as a result. Now, the union boss is under federal investigation. In 2021, the UAW agreed to allow a court-appointed monitor to oversee the union after a shocking […]

Civil Rights Icon Dead at 95

( – Martin Luther King Jr. and the individuals who worked with him in the fight for civil rights believed nonviolence was the only way to win. Rev. James M. Lawson Jr. was one of the architects of the movement. Sadly, he has now passed away. On June 9, Lawson died from cardiac arrest while […]

Israeli Operation Rescues Multiple Hostages

( – On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists kidnapped more than 200 people from Israel and killed almost 1,200. The terrorist group is still holding approximately 120 hostages, but the Israeli government managed to rescue four of them. On Saturday, June 8, Israeli forces carried out the largest rescue operation since the conflict began. Authorities […]

Trump Announces Big Endorsement for “Fearless American Patriot”

( – An endorsement from former President Donald Trump is one of the most valuable a Republican candidate for office can receive. The ex-POTUS is still wildly popular and is the presumptive presidential nominee for the party. A Senate candidate in Nevada received the nod of approval from Trump days before he competed in the […]

Bill Barr: Hush Money ‘Abomination’ Will be Overturned

( – Former President Donald Trump and ex-Attorney General Bill Barr used to have a close relationship. That deteriorated at the end of Trump’s first term and led to the AG’s resignation. Four years later, Barr is now defending his former boss in the wake of his felony conviction. A New York jury found Trump […]

State Senator Looks for Massive Minimum Wage Hike

( – The last time Pennsylvania raised its minimum wage was in 2009. It went up from $7.15 per hour to $7.25. State Senator Christine Tartaglione (D) is now pushing for a massive hike. At the end of May, Tartaglione announced the introduction of Senate Bill 1186, a new bill to make the state’s minimum […]

Sports Betting Scheme Busted

( – In April, the NBA banned Toronto Raptors forward Jontay Porter for life after he violated its gambling rules. Now, a Brooklyn man has been arrested for taking part in Porter’s gambling scheme. The suspect allegedly bet on games he knew Porter would throw. On April 4, the NBA announced that it had investigated […]

Man Sentenced to Years Behind Bars in Swatting Case

( – A Washington State man has been jailed after repeatedly making fake calls to police. The 21-year-old called in false bomb warnings and accused other people of crimes to get responders sent to their homes. The judge said he was jailing him to send a message that “swatting” is a serious crime during sentencing. […]

Israeli Strike on UN School Kills Dozens in Gaza

( – Israel is facing increased scrutiny for its airstrikes in Gaza. A recent strike has once again put a spotlight on the issue. On June 6, Israel fired two missiles at classrooms in a United Nations school in the Nuseirat refugee camp. The school, located in central Gaza, was packed with displaced Palestinians. Israel […]

Tim Scott Begins Campaign Blitz to Secure Trump’s VP Spot

( – Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) has become an important figure in the GOP over the last few years. As the only black Republican senator, he has faced off against Democrats in battles related to police reform and other issues critical to his community. He’s also hoping to secure a spot as former President Donald […]

State House Passes New Border Act

( – Arizona is one of the states most impacted by President Joe Biden’s border crisis. It’s also one of the most important swing states in the upcoming election. The state’s House recently passed a bill to address the immigration issues. On Tuesday, June 4, the Arizona House approved the “Secure the Border Act” by […]

U.N. Report Claims US Leads the World in Public Debt

( – The United Nations (UN) tracks each country’s public debt. The alliance recently released a report that found the United States is at the top of the pile, which is not good news for the country. On June 4, the UN Trade and Development Program said the global public debt ticked up by a […]

Leftist Alderman Opts to Stop Reporting on Crime, Cites Bad Perception

( – Residents of Chicago Ward 48 used to receive violent crime alerts from their alderwoman, Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth. She recently decided to stop automatically sending the alerts. She’s now defending her decision. In May, Manaa-Hoppenworth announced she was only going to send crime alerts to business owners and residents who “opt-in” to receive them. Those […]

Democratic Lawmaker Wants Trump Pardoned

( – Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) ran for the Democratic nomination against President Joe Biden this year. He dropped out of the race in March after receiving almost no support. The Democrat is now calling on the New York governor to pardon former President Donald Trump. On May 31, Phillips posted on X, formerly Twitter, […]

Congress Bracing for Backlash As Guest Speaker Announced

( – The relationship between the Democratic Party and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been murky for years. Neither former President Barack Obama nor President Joe Biden have had great relationships with him, even though they staunchly supported Israel. It appears many Democratic lawmakers are considering a boycott of the PM’s upcoming speech to […]

Never Trumpers Do About-Face Following Guilty Verdict

( – During the 2016 election, the term “Never Trump” became popular among members of the Republican Party who said they would never vote for Donald Trump. Almost eight years and two general elections later, some of those voters have now indicated they’ve had a change of heart. It’s all thanks to the jury verdict […]

First Lady Supports Hunter Biden as Federal Trial Begins

( – Hunter Biden has a long, messy history. The former drug addict is now in court facing consequences for his actions. His family turned out in force to support him. On Monday, June 3, jury selection began in a Delaware federal courtroom for the trial against the president’s son. Hunter Biden is facing charges […]

Teenage Migrant Accused of Shooting Two Officers

( – High-profile crimes committed by immigrants have been in the headlines for months. A migrant killed a 22-year-old nursing student in Georgia. A group of immigrants attacked law enforcement officers in New York City’s Times Square. And now, the latest involves two injured police officers and a teenage migrant in Queens. On Monday, June […]

Brittney Griner Claims She Was Shocked by Accusations Against Her

( – Brittney Griner spent nearly 10 months in Russian custody in 2022. Eventually, the US was able to secure her release after agreeing to swap Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer, for her. The WNBA star has taken a lot of criticism for her protests against police brutality. She addressed the controversy in a […]

Kennedy Files FEC Complaint Against CNN “Collusion’

( – The last time a third-party candidate qualified for the general election debates was in 1992 when Independent Ross Perot participated in three presidential debates. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was hoping to get a shot at going against President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to […]

Protesters Attempt to Set Israeli Embassy on Fire

( – Israel is currently under fire from the international community for an attack on Hamas that lit a refugee camp on fire and killed 45 people. The airstrike was the single most deadly incident in Rafah since Israel began its offensive on the city. Protesters are now accused of trying to set an Israeli […]

Trump Reaches Out After Missionaries Mercilessly Killed

( – Haiti is a country without a government. Its president died in 2021 after being killed in his bed by mercenaries. The gangs chased away the prime minister and vowed to fight any outsiders who tried to force elections. Three missionaries were recently killed there, including a state congressman’s daughter. Former President Donald Trump […]

Majority of Democratic Voters Indicate They Want Biden Replaced

( – Democratic voters have consistently expressed feeling President Joe Biden is too old to run for office again. His approval ratings are also in the toilet. A new survey has found that most Democratic voters want to replace the president on the ballot. On May 28, Rasmussen Reports released the findings of a national […]

Hollywood Veteran Comes Out in Support of Trump

( – Dennis Quaid made a name for himself as an A-list actor, starring in films like “The Parent Trap” and “Any Given Sunday.” He’s also been a patient-safety advocate since his 10-day-old twins almost died in 2007 when they were given 1,000 times the regular dose of heparin, a blood thinner, at the hospital. […]

Squad Members Make Major Memorial Day Mistake

( – Memorial Day allows Americans to stop and commemorate the military members who gave their lives in service of the country. Two members of the far-left congressional group “The Squad” appeared to forget what the day was for in social media posts. On May 27, Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Cori Bush (D-MO) posted […]

IDF Exchanges Gunfire With Egyptian Soldiers

( – The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have carried out strategic strikes in Rafah, a city in the Gaza Strip on the Egyptian border. Recently, there was an incident between the IDF and Egyptian forces. On May 27, an Egyptian soldier died after a skirmish involving the IDF. It’s not entirely clear what happened yet, […]

Trump Rally Receives Shocking Turnout

( – Former President Donald Trump held a rally in the Bronx on May 23. The native New Yorker traveled to the deep borough to try to peel more voters away from the incumbent POTUS, Joe Biden. Thousands of people attended the rally. Trump’s rally took place at Crotona Park in the South Bronx as […]

Dems Block New Legislation to Deter Child Trafficking

( – US Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has made children one of her top priorities as a member of Congress. In early May, President Joe Biden signed one of her bipartisan bills into law that protects kids in cyberspace. That bipartisanship was not extended to a bill that seeks to deter child trafficking at the […]

Former Rival Announces Trump Endorsement

( – Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was one of former President Donald Trump’s most persistent opponents in the GOP primary. She refused to drop out of the race for months and didn’t endorse him right away, saying she didn’t feel the need to kiss his ring. That has now changed. On May 22, […]

Another County Votes to Secede From Blue State

( – Conservatives in Oregon are pushing to change the state’s boundaries. Voters in some of the rural districts feel as though Idaho’s values better represent them and want to make their state much smaller. Another county has now jumped on board. On Tuesday, May 21, voters headed to the polls in Oregon’s primary election. […]

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