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Never Trumpers Do About-Face Following Guilty Verdict

( – During the 2016 election, the term “Never Trump” became popular among members of the Republican Party who said they would never vote for Donald Trump. Almost eight years and two general elections later, some of those voters have now indicated they’ve had a change of heart. It’s all thanks to the jury verdict in the Manhattan trial against the former president.

In the wake of the verdict, where Trump was found guilty of 34 felonies, the term “donate to Trump” spiked on Google. The former president’s campaign raised almost $35 million the night the verdict was handed down. Nearly 30% of those donations were from people who’d never given money to the campaign before. The next day, May 31, the campaign had received nearly $53 million in donations.

The Free Press went searching for the people who gave Trump their money after the verdict. They discovered a large group of Never Trumpers who were furious about the conviction and intended to support him in November.

Shaun Maguire supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 but said he’s on the Trump Train now. After the May 30 verdict, he posted on X, formerly Twitter, and said he’d donated $300,000 to the former president’s campaign. He listed the reasons he intended to vote for him in a very long post. In an interview with Free Press, Maguire said that he wants to support the Republican nominee “even more” now that he’s been convicted of multiple felonies. “The Republican Party is less of a danger to democracy than the Democratic Party right now,” the venture capitalist said.

Kate Nitti, a lifelong Democrat, said she might vote for Trump in November to “send a message to the Democrats.” She believes they abused their power during the national health crisis. She said the verdict upset her because she thinks Democrats contorted the law to prosecute the former president.

Emery Barter told the Free Press that he is voting for the former president because he doesn’t think a jury should decide what’s right for the whole country.

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