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Pro-Palestine Activists Assault Reporter at College Campus Encampment

( – Turning Point USA’s founder Charlie Kirk recently traveled to the University of Washington (UW) for an event. The organization’s journalism group, Frontlines, traveled there with him. Far-left agitators allegedly assaulted one of these journalists.

On May 7, Frontlines journalist Jonathan Choe was at UW reporting on what was happening in the hours leading up to Kirk’s event. Frontlines posted a video on X, formerly Twitter, showing demonstrators attacking the reporter and his security near the Gaza “liberation” encampment.

One of the security guards was left bleeding from wounds to his face and neck after being attacked by the demonstrators. They called the police and said law enforcement opened an investigation into what happened.

In a follow-up post, Frontlines quotes a statement from the university that said that it took “any assault seriously” and the campus police were going to “be investigating [the] incidents, gathering statements and video footage that may be available.”

Choe posted his own statement on X, saying there was more violence at the event. Students who attended the event were attacked “by a mob of Antifa lunatics who flooded the Quad.” He claimed that they were carrying weapons and fighting with multiple people. Choe demanded to know how long UW’s president would allow the protests to continue.

The protesters are also accused of attacking Stuart Reges, a computer sciences professor at UW, who was touring the pro-Palestine encampment. The professor told “The Jason Rantz Show” that he was only there for a few moments when three people with umbrellas suddenly surrounded him. He said that grew to five people and then one of the activists hit him in the back of the head.

Reges was filming at the time and the video reportedly captured him being assaulted. He told the conservative host that he felt lightheaded after the attack and was sore. The school has not commented on Reges’ allegations.

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