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State House Passes New Border Act

( – Arizona is one of the states most impacted by President Joe Biden’s border crisis. It’s also one of the most important swing states in the upcoming election. The state’s House recently passed a bill to address the immigration issues.

On Tuesday, June 4, the Arizona House approved the “Secure the Border Act” by 31 to 29. That means the measure will appear on the ballot in November, and voters will decide whether the state will make it a crime to cross the border unlawfully. The law would give police officers the authority to arrest people they believed crossed the border without authorization.

State judges would also be granted the authority to deport immigrants convicted of criminal offenses. Currently, that power only lies with the federal government. The Supreme Court has repeatedly concluded that the executive branch has the sole authority to make and enforce immigration laws. The courts halted a similar bill by Texas from taking effect.

Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed a similar bill passed by the Republican-controlled legislature in March. She lashed out against the approval of the bill for the ballot, saying Republican “extremists” are choosing to “prioritize their political agendas over finding real solutions.” She went on to say the legislation would hurt the state’s businesses and send more jobs to other states. Hobbs also claimed law enforcement would have a difficult time doing their jobs, the border would not be secured, and it would “bust the state’s budget.”

Republicans argued the state is being forced to step up and do the federal government’s job because President Biden’s administration has failed to protect the border. Democrats claimed it would lead to racial profiling.

Arizona passed a similar bill more than a decade ago. SB 1070 ultimately failed when it went before the Supreme Court, but it was a 5 to 4 vote.

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