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Massive Sentences Handed Down to Pro-Life Activists

( – Seven pro-life activists have been hit with harsh prison sentences. The group was arrested in 2020 and convicted in August and September of last year. Since then, they’ve been in jail awaiting sentencing. Now, they’re facing even more time behind bars. On October 22, 2020, a group of activists protested outside the Washington […]

Appeals Court Deals Massive Blow to Parental Rights

( – Maryland parents trying to protect their children from gender dogma have suffered a major setback. A federal court has just rejected their appeal against a lower court’s denial of an opt-out from LGBTQ classes. Now they’re planning an appeal. Last June, parents in Montgomery County, Maryland, began protesting against the LGBTQ curriculum adopted […]

Dems Help GOP Pass New Crime Bill

( – Washington, DC, has experienced several high-profile crimes. A carjacker killed a former official of Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s administrations, a congressman was carjacked, and another member of Congress was attacked in an elevator. Congress has now taken action to overhaul the capital city’s crime policies. On May 15, the House of Representatives […]

University President Suspended After Caving to Demands

( – Pro-Palestine protests have ripped across the nation. Students have demanded their universities divest from Israel. One university president caved to pressure and he’s now been suspended. On Wednesday, May 15, California State University suspended Sonoma State campus President Mike Lee. Chancellor Mildred García issued a statement saying Lee didn’t have “appropriate approvals” to […]

Governor Banned Over Insulting Remarks

( – South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) is a rising star in the Republican Party. She was once regularly mentioned as a possible running mate for former President Donald Trump. Recently, she has been embroiled in scandals. Noem’s state has a large Native American population with many tribes. On May 14, the Crow Creek […]

Government Vehicles Ambushed in Deadly Jailbreak

( – France isn’t a place that often comes to mind when thinking about gang bosses. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist there. In fact, the presence of powerful criminals in the country was on full display recently in a violent ambush. On May 14, officers in France were transporting Mohamed “The Fly” Amra […]

Drone Footage Shows Gunmen at UN’s Rafah Compound

( – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said an invasion of Rafah is imminent. The PM and other Israeli officials believe the only way to rid Gaza of Hamas is to fight them in their last stronghold. Recently, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released troubling footage. On May 14, the IDF posted footage on […]

Biden Ready to Debate Trump Sooner Than Expected

( – Former President Donald Trump didn’t attend any of the GOP primary debates. That left some wondering whether he would debate President Joe Biden in the general. Then there were questions about whether the Democrat would participate. The incumbent POTUS answered that question when he challenged Trump to two debates. They’ve now agreed on […]

American Troops Ordered to Pull Out

( – Russia has greatly expanded its influence on African countries. The United States has tried to counter Russian President Vladimir Putin’s influence and fight terrorism in the region at the same time. In a significant blow to the US influence on the continent, the Defense Department ordered American troops to leave Niger. In March, […]

DA Paralegal Testifies That Cohen Cut Call Short

( – Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, took the stand in the New York criminal case. He was called the star witness by the press. After he left the stand, a paralegal from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office testified and dropped a bombshell. Jaden Jarmel-Schneider worked on the Trump case in the prosecutor’s office. […]

Beloved Actor Bloodied in Random Act of Violence

( – Actor Steve Buscemi is a beloved New Yorker and American icon. Before he made it in Hollywood, he was a firefighter. After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, he volunteered with the FDNY and helped them look for survivors at Ground Zero. Sadly, he was attacked in his hometown for no apparent reason. […]

UN Drops Casualty Counts by Nearly 50%

( – There’s no denying that Israel has killed a lot of civilians in its war against Hamas. Since the beginning, experts have questioned the number of dead being released by the Gaza Health Ministry because Hamas runs it. Now, the United Nations has slashed the casualty count in half for women and children. The […]

Rescue Teams Discover Yet Another Mass Grave in Gaza

( – Al-Shifa Hospital was the largest medical center in the Gaza Strip. In March, the Israeli military raided the complex, claiming there were members of Hamas hiding there. Reports have now indicated another mass grave was uncovered at the hospital. The siege on the hospital ended on April 1. Palestinian emergency workers who were […]

Barron Trump to Make Political Debut

( – Since Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 he’s done all he can to shelter his son Barron from the rough and tumble world of politics. Now that’s changing. The Florida Republican Party has just chosen the 18-year-old as one of its representatives at the Republican National Convention (RNC). On May 8, the […]

Pro-Palestine Activists Assault Reporter at College Campus Encampment

( – Turning Point USA’s founder Charlie Kirk recently traveled to the University of Washington (UW) for an event. The organization’s journalism group, Frontlines, traveled there with him. Far-left agitators allegedly assaulted one of these journalists. On May 7, Frontlines journalist Jonathan Choe was at UW reporting on what was happening in the hours leading […]

Two Colonels Arrested Over Failed Assassination Plot

( – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has dodged multiple assassination attempts since Russia invaded his country. The president is surrounded by tight security to protect him during the war. Recently, two security officers were arrested for plotting to kill him. On May 7, authorities announced they arrested two colonels who worked for Ukraine’s State Protection […]

White House Claims “Ironclad” Commitment Despite Ammunition Hold

( – President Joe Biden’s administration has repeatedly warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against attacking Rafah, a town that borders Egypt in Gaza. The US is concerned about the possibility of a high casualty count because there are approximately 1.4 million refugees in the city. The Israeli government has already started targeted attacks in […]

Governor Brutally Roasted Over New Video

( – California is a hot spot for tourism, with some of the most popular National Parks and cities in the country. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) recently released a video bragging about the tourism in his state and was brutally roasted over it. On May 5, Newsom posted a video that showed him at the […]

Kennedy Doubles Down on Trump Challenge

( – Typically, the presidential debates only include the Democratic and Republican candidates. No third-party candidates have met the criteria to stand on stage with the other candidates since the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) adopted new rules in 2000. That’s why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has other ideas. On May 7, Kennedy once again […]

Russia Confirms Capture of American Soldier

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government has captured and held many Americans in the past. Most notably, he held a WNBA basketball player, Brittney Griner, for months. His government has also held several American service members. Now, the adversarial nation has a US Army soldier. On Monday, May 6, Cynthia O. Smith, a spokesperson […]

Maxine Waters Urges DOJ to Target Trump Supporters

( – Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called some of former President Donald Trump’s supporters “deplorables” during the 2016 presidential race. The Left has repeatedly targeted them since then. Now, a congresswoman has called on the Department of Justice to go after them. On May 5, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) appeared on MSNBC’s “The Sunday […]

ABC Loses President Amid Investigation

(—Kimberly Godwin became the president of ABC News in 2021. She was the first black woman to take control of a major broadcast news network. Now, just three years into her tenure, she has stepped down. On May 5, Godwin sent a memo to the staff at ABC News, stating that she “decided to retire […]

Palestinians Urged to Evacuate as Attack Looms

( – More than 1 million Palestinians fled to Rafah when Israel began bombing the Gaza Strip. The city sits on the border of Egypt and is a vital route for humanitarian aid. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) recently urged those refugees to flee the city. The IDF dropped flyers in Rafah that warned of […]

Trump Plans to Recreate Iron Dome in America If Elected

( – Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in many of the national polls for the 2024 election. One of the focal points of Trump’s campaign is national security. Recently, the former president made a big promise. On May 1, Trump held a rally in Freeland, Michigan. During his speech, he claimed […]

IRS Warns It Is Ramping Up Audits

( – Lawmakers passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in 2022. The legislation provided the IRS with $80 billion in new funding. The federal agency is now getting ready to ramp up audits. On May 2, IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel outlined the agency’s plans for spending its new funding. The money has already helped the […]

Dem Mayor Boasts Over A Whole Week of Reduced Crime

( – Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser is very proud of her latest achievement. She says violent crime in her city has fallen for a whole week. Unfortunately for her, the media isn’t as impressed by this turnaround as she thinks it should be. On April 26, six people were wounded in a mass shooting […]

Potential Mass Casualty Event Thwarted

( – Wisconsin police have prevented a potential mass murder by shooting the teenage suspect dead. Officers responded to a report of an armed individual outside a middle school, and were able to intercept him. Apart from the suspect, nobody was injured in the incident. On May 1, police in Mount Horeb, a community around […]

Trump Vows to End “Insane” Biden Mandate

( – President Joe Biden has pushed for electric vehicle (EV) mandates to try to phase out gas-powered vehicles in the future. He set emissions standards that will force car manufacturers to make more EVs. Former President Donald Trump is vowing to end the mandates. On May 1, Trump spoke at a rally in Freeland, […]

Battleground Senate Race Gets Heated

( – The 2024 presidential election is likely to come down to just a few battleground states, as it has in the last few presidential elections. The fight to control the Senate will follow a similar path. One of the primary races for the upper chamber recently heated up. Dr. Jeffrey Gunter is no political […]

Legislation Approved to Outlaw State’s Sanctuary Cities

( – A sanctuary city is a place where local authorities do not cooperate with federal immigration officials. While North Carolina does not explicitly have a statewide sanctuary policy, it doesn’t outlaw it either. That could change in the coming months. On April 30, the North Carolina Senate Committee on Judiciary voted to pass House […]

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