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Trump Announces Big Endorsement for “Fearless American Patriot”

( – An endorsement from former President Donald Trump is one of the most valuable a Republican candidate for office can receive. The ex-POTUS is still wildly popular and is the presumptive presidential nominee for the party. A Senate candidate in Nevada received the nod of approval from Trump days before he competed in the primary.

On June 9, Trump held a rally in Las Vegas. The former POTUS spoke to thousands of supporters in sweltering 100-degree weather. After the rally, he endorsed retired Army Capt. Sam Brown for the US Senate.

In a message posted on Truth Social, Trump called the conservative veteran a “FEARLESS AMERICAN PATRIOT.” He said Brown is “a Purple Heart Recipient” who the former POTUS believes has shown he has the “PURE GRIT and COURAGE to take on [America’s] Enemies, both Foreign and Domestic.”

Trump told his supporters that Sam is running for Senate “because he knows that Crooked Joe Biden […] A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY.” Further, he said the GOP Senate candidate wants to secure the border, stop inflation, protect the Second Amendment, implement policies that are good for economic growth, “and restore PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH.”

Brown has made his military service one of the central points of his campaign. The Republican was severely burned after he hit a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. The explosion almost killed him and left him with significant scarring on his body, including his face.

Trump chose Brown out of a group of candidates who were running for the Senate seat, including his former ambassador to Iceland, Jeff Gunter. The group duked it out in the primary on Tuesday, June 11.

Republicans are hoping to win the Senate seat in November so that they can take control of the chamber. Winning Nevada would be a major victory and make that much easier. The map is already seen as being favorable for the GOP.

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