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Trump Plans to Recreate Iron Dome in America If Elected

( – Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in many of the national polls for the 2024 election. One of the focal points of Trump’s campaign is national security. Recently, the former president made a big promise.

On May 1, Trump held a rally in Freeland, Michigan. During his speech, he claimed the incumbent president’s “weakness has led the planet to the edge of nuclear war.” He promised he would bring “glorious new peace” to the world. He told the crowd that he was going to “prevent World War III” and he was going to do it by building “a great Iron Dome very much like Israel has, but even better.”

The Iron Dome is a mobile all-weather air defense system that intercepts missiles and keeps Israel safe. US military contractor Raytheon has developed a similar system called the SkyHunter, which is produced in America.

Trump vowed he would “build the greatest dome of them all.” He also told the Michigan crowd that there were “a lot of hostile people out there” and that an American version of the Iron Dome would prevent them from attacking the US. Further, he said that he was going to make sure the project was built in America, in Michigan.

The former president said that building an advanced missile system would “create jobs, jobs, jobs” and once again promised the crowd that it would be “the greatest dome of them all.”

Trump pointed out that Israel’s Iron Dome was incredibly successful at protecting the country when Iran attacked it in April. The missile defense system prevented 99% of the Iranian missiles from hitting the Jewish State. It also stopped severe destruction from taking place in Israel. Iran launched approximately 300 missiles and drones into the Jewish state after the nation attacked one of its bases in Syria and killed multiple Iranian military officials.

The presumptive Republican nominee also claimed Iran “was broke” under him, but Biden has helped them rebuild.

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