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Trump Reaches Out After Missionaries Mercilessly Killed

( – Haiti is a country without a government. Its president died in 2021 after being killed in his bed by mercenaries. The gangs chased away the prime minister and vowed to fight any outsiders who tried to force elections. Three missionaries were recently killed there, including a state congressman’s daughter. Former President Donald Trump reached out to the lawmaker.

On May 24, Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker (R) posted on social media and announced the death of his daughter, 21-year-old Natalie Lloyd, and her husband, 23-year-old Davy Lloyd. The lawmaker said the couple were “full-time missionaries in Haiti.” Sadly, they were attacked by gang members and murdered. He said his daughter and son-in-law “went to Heaven together” and asked everyone to pray for his family and the Lloyd family.

Baker posted on X, formerly Twitter, and said Trump reached out to him to offer his condolences. “He really does care about people,” the state lawmaker said. He claimed the former president told him that he “couldn’t believe how beautiful these two young people were, they looked like models.”

According to reports, the Lloyds were killed alongside Jude Montis, the mission director. They worked for Missions In Haiti, Inc., which Davy Lloyd’s parents, David and Alicia Lloyd, have operated for more than two decades.

David Lloyd spoke to CNN about his son, saying he loved Haiti. The grieving dad said his son’s “first language was Creole” and he used to tell the family that “he was going to be a missionary” on the island when he grew up.

Missions In Haiti, Inc. posted about the incident on Facebook on May 23 and said the missionaries were attacked as they left the church. There were three trucks filled with gang members. Davy was then “taken to the house tied up” where he was beaten. The gang members took the trucks and then loaded them with the mission’s goods.

The post went on to say that another gang passed by and wanted to see what was happening. One of the gang members was killed, and that caused them to go on a rampage. The gang members shot up the house where the couple and mission leader were hiding.

President Joe Biden’s administration brokered a deal with the gangs to retrieve the bodies of the missionaries.

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