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Trump Vows to End “Insane” Biden Mandate

( – President Joe Biden has pushed for electric vehicle (EV) mandates to try to phase out gas-powered vehicles in the future. He set emissions standards that will force car manufacturers to make more EVs. Former President Donald Trump is vowing to end the mandates.

On May 1, Trump spoke at a rally in Freeland, Michigan, a critical battleground state, and lambasted Biden’s policies. He told the crowd that he would “terminate” the president’s “radical plan to kill Michigan’s economy by repealing his insane” mandate.

Trump pointed out that EVs are “very expensive” and “they don’t go far.” He also thinks they will be made in China instead of the United States, warning that “every single one [is] going to be made in China.”

The former president is right about the price of the vehicles. According to Find My Electric, the average cost of an EV in the US is $53,758. To put that into perspective, the median household income for a family in 2022 was approximately $74,000. That means the price is two-thirds of what a family makes in an entire year. While they can certainly finance the vehicle, not every working-class family will qualify for a loan that large.

Trump also attacked the head of the United Auto Workers union, Shawn Fein, who has endorsed Biden. He accused the union leader of agreeing to go along with the 46th president’s mandates even though they were “bad for Michigan.”

The event wasn’t the first time Trump has vowed to reverse some of Biden’s environmental policies. Last year he promised he would roll back the EV mandates on his first day in office. He accused the president of “waging war” on America’s auto industry with “mandates designed to force Americans into expensive electric cars.”

Trump said Biden’s policies are the reason car prices are skyrocketing and claimed Biden was “setting the stage for the destruction of American auto production.”

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