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New Presidential Candidate Legally Changes Name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’

( – A Texas man is offering a new option to voters who’ve had enough of our current politicians. If you don’t want four more years of President Joe Biden, but aren’t enthusiastic about having Donald Trump back either, the longshot candidate formerly known as Dustin Ebey wants to give you the chance to vote for Literally Anybody Else.

Right now, polls show a close race between the Democrat and Republican presidential nominees. Former President Donald Trump is edging ahead in most surveys, while independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. collects most of the remaining votes. However, it’s undeniable that some voters aren’t keen on either of the leading party candidates.

If there was a box on the ballot paper saying “Literally Anybody Else,” how many voters would choose it? Dustin Ebey, a teacher from North Richland Hills, Texas, is planning to find out. He’s filed his candidacy with the Federal Election Commission and legally changed his name; now he hopes “to have Donald Trump, Joe Biden and then ‘Literally Anybody Else’ right underneath.”

Of course, Ebey is trying to make a point. He told The Hill his eccentric campaign wasn’t really about him, and he doesn’t care about winning. He said he was feeling “desperation” at the realization this year’s election will be a rerun of 2020, and added, “We can do better out of 300 million people for president.”

If Ebey, a US Army veteran who now owns a driver’s license in his new name, succeeded in having the Literally Anybody Else box on the ballot, a surprising number of people might be tempted. Unfortunately, election law isn’t in his favor. For his name to appear on the ballot in Texas, he needs to submit a petition signed by 113,151 Texans who didn’t vote in either party’s Texas primary. That isn’t going to be easy, but he’s now calling for people to add his name to the write-in ballot.

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