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Hamas Insider Shocks the World

( – The Israel-Hamas war has divided the world. In America, many people believe Israel is committing genocide. A Hamas defector recently had harsh words for people who he believes are supporting the militant group.

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef. He defected from Hamas in 1997 and went to Israel, where he became a spy for the Shin Bet intelligence agency. He recently appeared on “Dr. Phil Primetime.” During his interview with Dr. Phil, he debated anti-Israel students from the University of Michigan.

The Hamas defector said it was “disappointing to see Americans supporting Hamas” and thinking the terrorist organization is cool. He pointed out that Hamas has no respect for activists in the US and they would “torture them and massacre them with no mercy.”

Yousef claimed the “Muslim belief system has a fundamental problem with the Jewish people.” The former Hamas member said Americans who are anti-Israel supporters have no idea what they’re supporting. He believes people who support Palestine “need to go to a mental asylum.”

The Hamas defector pointed to the keffiyeh, a black and white neckerchief that covers hair, the activists were wearing and said it was proof they were trying to distract from the fact that they had no legitimacy to discuss the issues. Meanwhile, he grew up in the region and spoke to many Hamas leaders during his lifetime.

One of the students interrupted and asked Yousef why he thought she was repeating Hamas talking points. He responded that if she weren’t, she would admit the October 7 terrorist attack was wrong and a “crime against humanity.” Both activists refused to admit the terrorist attack was wrong.

Yousef stated he doesn’t believe there is a difference between Palestine and Hamas anymore. However, experts have warned against equating innocent civilians with the terrorist group because Palestinians are also victims of the terrorist group’s brutality.

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