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Kennedy Claims He’s Secured a Spot on a Another State’s Ballot

( – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) is running as an independent candidate for president after failing to get support in the Democratic primary. He recently chose Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. He has now announced he met the qualifications to go on another state ballot.

On April 1, RFK Jr.’s campaign announced it collected the required number of signatures for his name to appear on the ballot in North Carolina. The campaign claimed volunteers collected more than 23,000 signatures. Currently, RFK Jr. has only officially secured a spot on Utah’s general election ballot.

The candidate’s supporters in six states, including North Carolina, formed a political party called the We The People Party. The decision to form the party allowed them to collect fewer signatures than they’d ordinarily have to get to qualify for the ballots. The campaign claimed the southern state is the fifth that he has collected enough signatures for access to the ballot in November.

During an interview with CNN, the independent candidate said he’s not worried about not qualifying for enough states. He believes he will eventually get on the ballots in all 50 states. The former Democrat also denied that he chose Shanahan to run alongside him because of her deep pockets.

Shanahan has long donated to Democratic causes. She has poured millions into a super PAC supporting RFK Jr.’s candidacy already. Some pundits believe he chose her because she could spend the money necessary to get him more ballot access. Collecting signatures and building out a campaign infrastructure is expensive.

Although RFK Jr.’s shot at becoming president is very, very slim, he could tilt the race in either direction. The 2020 election came down to tens of thousands of votes in a few states even though Biden won the popular vote by several million. Data showed Biden won Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona by a total of less than 45,000. RFK Jr. is already polling in double digits.

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